A New Line of Clothing in Middle East

A new line

Fashion has turned itself into a world known for its tendencies and changes. Moreover, this world is getting more and more connected in all matters, especially in its cultural diversity.  In fact, we have seen that Nike has launched a sports Punjab collection. Now, it might be time for the Pakistani fashion clothing to take over.

An exotic style

The most important thing about Pakistani clothing is both its unique style that reflects a historically different culture than ours. They also tend to adapt to their country´s weather conditions, which are very different from ours.  These are some reasons that reflect a different reality than ours, and therefore they have a clothing different style that seems exotic to us.

National values transmitted into clothes

 Shalwar kameez is known to be the national dress of Pakistan. More than a dress, it is an outfit that is worn by both men and women. On one hand, “Shalwar” refers to a type of wide sweatpants, very similar to baggy trousers, which seem to have become a fashion trend nowadays.  On the other hand, “kameez” refers wearing a long shirt. This outfit is used in Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa , the four provinces in Pakistan. Furthermore, you can see that this outfit seems very general, that is why each province has an own style of the Shalwar kameez.

Pakistanis are known to wear clothes with exquisite colors and designs. Moreover, they use various types of fabric such as silk, chiffon and cotton. Regarding man clothing, we have the kurta, which is a long shirt that goes beyond your knees, they usually are made out of cotton and can also be worn by women.

In addition, an achkan is a special type of kurta that is worn in formal events. The distinction between the achkan and the regular kurta is the same between a t-shirt and a dress shirt. For women, there is the angraka, which is a beautiful long dress with a wide skirt part. There are many types of angraka designs but the most used has a combination of warm colors that begin with a vivid yellow, then it turns into orange and it ends up with red. It seems necessary to add the use of the bolach. This is the typical robe that people, both women and men, wear on their heads.

Has Pakistani clothing had any influence in Western clothing?

Indeed the case seems to be that Pakistani clothing has had an effect in international fashion trends. Nowadays, baggy trouser have surpassed leggings and sweatpants and become the preference in casual clothing. On the other side, the kameez design of a long shirt has also been adapted for American rappers; you see them in concerts with really long shirts that surpass their kneecaps. Regardless of this, there is no direct relation between Pakistani clothing and worldwide fashion trends.

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