Travelling and Women Cultural Fashion in Pakistan

Travelling and Women Cultural Fashion in Pakistan

Travelling in Pakistan

Pakistan is a beautiful country, filled with beautiful people and the best mountain ranges on the plane. The Pakistani northern area truly without rival anywhere in the world. Traveling in Pakistan is best option to see the natural beauty that we see in world map and we could only imagine the beauty but it exist real in Pakistan.

Women Travelling in Pakistan

Women follow the culture, traditions, norms, specially  focus on Pakistani Dresses that will make  comfortable for a travelling in Pakistan.

Cultural Fashion in Pakistan

There are varied groupings of the ethnic Pakistani Dresses, mostly together with the proper social and normal dresses of punjabis, sindhis, balochs, pashtuns and kashmiris. To wear loose dress Pakistan digital Kurtis  Shalwar/Kameez must not be revealing, full sleeves shirt & head scarf in order to avoid unwanted attention in the street.

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